Both knitted wire, mesh pad type demisters, and fibre bed type candle filters. This in-depth expertise is available to solve wet gas cleaning problems in a huge variety of industrial applications – not just by tailoring mist eliminators to suit the problem, but in many cases by designing and supplying the complete filtration system as a turnkey package Products are made under direct control and strict quality procedures. Industrial market applications include Chemicals production (e.g. Fertilizers, Process Chemicals and Petrochemical), Non-Ferrous Metals smelting off-gas treatment, Pharmaceuticals production, Electronics industry, Oil and Gas production and Pulp and Paper industry. There are also many other air pollution control applications from other industries. Quality has always been and remains of paramount importance
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The processing of spent caustic products for BOD / COD reduction, odor control, and pH adjustment to allow the final stream to meet specifications for wastewater treating facilities. For the treatment of sulphidic caustic solutions, an effective wet oxidation process should eliminate sulphidic pollutants and produces a brine solution that can be disposed of without adverse environmental effects. The oxidation system selected is based on the type of used caustic solution being treated and the brine effluent specifications. Depending on the degree of oxidation needed to meet the refinery effluent specifications, the refinery may choose to install a partial oxidation process or a total oxidation system or deep neutralization system.
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  • Control of gaseous emission and dust in single-step solution
  • Significant reduction in CAPEX 40% and OPEX compared to alternative technologies
  • Catalytic filter bag or Catalytic Ceramic filter are available depending on applications.
  • Handles temperature up to 260 °C (catalytic filter bag) or up to 400 °C(Catalytic Ceramic filter)
  • Trap dust while removing NOx,dioxins, CO and VOCs in one single process
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The catalytic oxidation of VOCs. The catalysts are based on oxides of copper and manganese on an alumina, silica or cordierite carrier, or based on precious metals on a titanium dioxide carrier.

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