Industry Additives

Besides standard additives for the formulation of concentrations for metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants, we focus on custom-tailored solutions: - Additives for the formulation of lubricants, cleaners and rust preventives - Market leader for customized additive packages enhancing our customers production cost-efficiencies. - Professional and personalized technical advice - Customer service and flexible logistic support Additive for Metalworking Fluids and Rust Preventives - Synthetic and Natural Sulfonates (Na-,Ba-,Ca- and Amine Soaps) - EP and AW Performance additives - Rust preventive packages - Nonionic surfactants and amides - Defoamers - Special Esters and soaps - Additive packages for metalworking fluids - Biocides - Waxes and oxidized waxes - Butylester - Sulfonates Additive for Industrial and Driveline Lubricants - Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) - Pourpoint Depressants (PPD) - Tackifying Agents - EP and AW Performance Additives - Packages for Industrial and Driveline Lubricants Additive for Cleaners and Care Product - Emulsifiers - Wetting Agents - Biologically Degradable specialty esters - Product package for the formulation of Industrial Cleaners - Product Package for the formulation of house-care products Specialty Products - Concrete Mould Release Agents - Quenching Fluid - Sand Flotation
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