VOC (Volatile Organic Component) Removal technology & catalyst

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The catalytic oxidation of VOCs. The catalysts are based on oxides of copper and manganese on an alumina, silica or cordierite carrier, or based on precious metals on a titanium dioxide carrier.


The advantage of catalytic oxidation technology

  • High conversion rate > 99%
  • Low operating temperature 200 ~ 400℃
  • Minimize CO2 emission compared to RTO
  • Carbon steel available (less than 500℃)
  • Long life span of equipment >20 years
  • Smaller plot area, lower investment, lower operating cost compared to RTO
  • Minimize secondary pollutants like NOx

PTA (often Si and MeBr is present), Acrylic acid (AA), SBR/ABS, Formaldehyde , Printing, Coating, CO2 purification, Formaldehyde, alkane removal, Refrigerator destruction, Pharmaceutical, Waste Water CO2 purification (S-containing), Ethylene DNOC-LD Maleic anhydride (MA), AA, CO